The fiancé visa petition is time intensive and documentary intensive process. During this process, the petitioner is separated from his love one. If there is an error on the form or you have missed an important document, there could be an extensive delay in the processing of your case. In some cases, even if all of the forms and documents are correctly submitted, there could be denial of the petition if the consulate does not believe in the legitimacy of the relationship.

Hiring attorneys and immigration specialists increase the success rate of the application and they have processed hundreds of fiancé visas. We understand what information the U.S. immigration agency and the U.S. Consulate requires. In addition, we have guided hundreds of Thai nationals through the interview process to ensure visa approval.

While not all cases will be approved, we are so confident in our abilities to overcome potential issues in fiancé visa cases that we will return the service fee if your case is not approved. However, we depend on your cooperation in ensuring the success of the petition. This is especially true in regards to providing us with the required documents and answers to some of our important questions. So look at our service as a no loss situation. Your fiancé will either obtain her K-1 visa or you will get the fee that you paid for our service back.


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