K Visa Requirements

Requirements for a K1 & K3 Visa

K-1 Requirements A K-1 fiancée visa allows a U.S. citizen’s fiancé to enter the United States for the purpose of… Continue reading »


Why use a K1 Visa lawyer?

The fiancé visa petition is time intensive and documentary intensive process. During this process, the petitioner is separated from his… Continue reading »


K-1 Visa Interview Questions

At the K-1 interview, the Consular Officer will ask the fiancée questions to make a determination on the validity of… Continue reading »

benefits of k-1 visa

K-1 Visa Benefits

K-1 Visa Advantages: When comparing the K1 versus the K3 visa, the K1 visa is easier to obtain than the… Continue reading »

Why K1 visa application petition processed more than 6 months

K1 visa petition processing may be longer than six months due to many reasons. Sometimes, longer waiting period is from… Continue reading »

US Visa in Thailand

Overstaying Visa in the US and Its Consequences

The Department of Homeland Security warns visa recipients to carefully consider the dates of their authorized stay and be sure… Continue reading »