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K Visa Requirements

Requirements for a K1 & K3 Visa

K-1 Requirements A K-1 fiancée visa allows a U.S. citizen’s fiancé to enter the United States for the purpose of… Continue reading »


Why use a K1 Visa lawyer?

The fiancé visa petition is time intensive and documentary intensive process. During this process, the petitioner is separated from his… Continue reading »


K-1 Visa Interview Questions

At the K-1 interview, the Consular Officer will ask the fiancée questions to make a determination on the validity of… Continue reading »

benefits of k-1 visa

K-1 Visa Benefits

K-1 Visa Advantages: When comparing the K1 versus the K3 visa, the K1 visa is easier to obtain than the… Continue reading »


US Visa Lawyer in Thailand

If you are in a relationship with a Thai national, we can assist you in helping you take her back… Continue reading »


Adjustment of Status

For American men, falling in love with a beautiful and exotic Thai woman is easy. The difficulty is trying bring… Continue reading »