At the K-1 interview, the Consular Officer will ask the fiancée questions to make a determination on the validity of their relationship. They will ask personal questions to test the knowledge and intimacy level between the fiancée and the U.S. citizen sponsor.

While the ability to speak English isn’t a requirement at the interview, it is better if the fiancée attempted to speak English. If the fiancée does not speak any English, the consular officer will raise questions on how the fiancée and the U.S. citizen communicate.

If you have filed for a fiancée visa, here are some possible questions for your fiancée:

  1. Have you ever been to the United States? If yes, when and what visa?
  2. Do you have any relatives in the United States?
  3. Have you ever sponsored for any U.S. visa before?
  4. Have you ever been married before? If so, when?
  5. Do you have any children? – If yes, how old are they? Where is the father?
  6. What is your fiancé’s full name? When and where was he born?
  7. Please describe in detail how you met your fiancé and when he asked you to marry?
  8. How do you and your fiancé communicate?
  9. Has your fiancé ever been married?
  10. What does your fiancé do? What is his salary?
  11. Does your fiancé have children? – If yes, what is their custody arrangements with the mother?
  12. Does your fiancé have any siblings? – If yes, what are their names and where do they live?
  13. Has your fiancé ever been arrested or charged with a crime?
  14. Please tell me about your wedding plans.
  15. Have you ever physically met your fiancé’s family members or friends?

If you have questions about the K-1 interview process, please feel free to contact Law Firm in Thailand or call 1-877-252-8831.


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