Can I apply for multiple K-1 visa?

It is possible for you to apply for more than one K1 visas. But then, there are several reasons why it is advisable for you to apply for only one K1 visa. One reason is the fact that this will prove that you will only stick to one lover eternally. US immigration officials will also be suspicious if you are going to apply for more than one K1 visa.

As a petitioner for K1 visa, you can reapply for another K1 visa petition 2 years after the approval of petition for the first K1 visa. In some cases, if you need to apply for another K1 before 2 years of availability, you will have to file for a waiver. Same with, if you have filed multiple K1 visa petitions before, you will also need to apply for a waiver. Though you can apply for as many K1 visa as you want, it is still complex to file in more than one due to various irrationalities.

US citizen’s waiver for multiple visa application

In applying for a waiver, you should submit a written request that had been signed and dated together with your K1 visa petition and your documents in claiming a waiver. The written request should contain the details clearly explained why your condition is to be appropriate for a waiver. In the case of the death of fiancee, you will have to explain your condition and present the following:

  • Death certificate
  • Other supporting documents such as police reports
  • News articles
  • Medical reports from a licensed medical professional

When you have been involved and committed violence against anyone, you will not be granted a waiver by the USCIS except if you can exhibit extraordinary circumstances occurred prior to it. For example, if you are subjected and accused by intense abusive cruelty or battered by a spouse, parent or adult child but not the main perpetrator of violence in the family, you have the right to prove that you have just interacted self-defense. And therefore, you have forcibly committed violence as an initial reaction of self-defense, and or the crime did not result to physical injury and was related to the battery or intense malice.

The extraordinary circumstances evidence must include:

  • Police reports
  • Court records
  • News articles
  • Trial transcripts

You need to submit believable evidence that is applicable to your waiver request.

Waivers in some cases are flexible except to those petitioners who were battered or subjected to severe malice as mentioned.

Limitation for a Foreign Fiancé

A foreign fiancé of a US citizen are unable to apply for more than one K1 visas at the same time. When a foreign fiancé have two different US citizen petitioners for a K1 visa at the same time, although petitions were both approved, those petitions will be returned to USCIS and the foreign fiancé will not be given a visa interview. There are numerous of K1 visa applications that can make for having no official limits. But the consular officer at the visa interview will become suspicious for applying numerous K1 visa. In this case, be prepared for the interrogation about the reasons of applying for multiple K1 visa.

To start your K-1 visa application, see Siam Legal’s U.S. K-1 visa page.

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